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The Chatty winners have been announced!

Mabel Of The Anzacs part 2 re-release!

The Chatty Award and upcoming Book Fair!

The Chatty Awards nominations are here!!!

This month is the Anniversary for both my radio concepts!

New publications, reviews and interviews!!!! …

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Articles, plays, The Chatty run up and interviews; a rather busy week

Sherri’s Playhouse and Chatting With Sherri are really busy right now!

New play and great interviews coming up! via @rithebard

Mentoring, Hamlet, Patreon, interviews and other scattered subjects this week! via @rithebard

Busy Month Ahead! … via @rithebard

So busy and I have a cold. … via @rithebard

Fan Fiction, Book Giveaways and Amazing Interviews!!!! … via @rithebard